by Callid Keefe-Perry

This episode is very special. It’s a beautiful, poetic, and evocative short story about wrestling with the ineffable. It’s a story of historical fiction featuring the painter Marc Chagall as a main character.

The story is written and read by the talented theopoet, Callid Keefe-Perry. Callid is a grateful husband and father. He is also a member of the Religious Society of Friends and travels in the ministry within and beyond that denomination. He is the author of Way to Water: A Theopoetics Primer, a founding editor of the journal THEOPOETICS, and of course a co-host on the Homebrewed Christianity podcast. Currently his work focuses on the development of a public theology of public education, but he also juggles several side projects related to creative and critical pedagogies for adult religious education. Follow Callid on twitter if you don’t already.

We think this story that Callid wrote is remarkable. We hope you think so too.